Snake Feeding 2pm EVERY Sunday

Family Pets

We pride ourselves on having a massive range of pets available - from the cute and cuddly to the scaly and slimy

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Pet Products

We have everything you need to keep your new family member happy and healthy - food, medication, toys, shelters and MUCH more

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Fact Sheets

If you've recently purchased a new family member from us - Congratulations!

Here is where you can obtain some extra information about them...

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About Us

Family Pet and Aquarium has been in Geelong for over 17 years and has no intentions of going anywhere. We're currently in our 3rd and largest location yet.

Starting in Dorothy Ave, Belmont we were a small, family-run business that believed pets were to be enjoyed not hidden behind cages and enclosures (to a certain extent)!

That's why we were one of the first pet shops to have the "Pets Come Out to Play" where you can interact with puppies, birds, turtles, frogs and heaps more. We even do SNAKE FEEDINGĀ at 2pm EVERY Sunday! As well as a few special guests including Rex the Bearded Dragon, Myrtle the Turtle, Maximus the Macaw, Paulie the Amazon Parrot and Lucy the Dogue du Bordeaux.

We love pets and the enrichment they bring to everyone's life. We're here to help you make it the most enjoyable.

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Contact Us

The best way to contact us is to come in-store at

156 Marshalltown Road, Grovedale.

Or you can call us on (03) 52 444 205

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Trading Hours

Open 7 Days a Week, 9am to 5:30pm