About Us


Now at our third (and largest) location in Geelong, Family Pet and Aquarium has been part of the local community for over 17 years.

A family run small business that prides itself on quality and the right advice without the massive price tag.

Boasting one of the largest fish rooms in Victoria and a HUGE range of products available, this is something you have to see to believe.

Meet the Team

We know that these are the ones you mostly come in to see, it's okay.

They get especially excited at 2pm every Sunday when the pets come out to play...


Lucy and Turbo

Lucy is our 5 year old Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff) and a favourite among customers. However, her big tail can sometimes get in the way... 

Turbo is 3 years old and the newest edition to the Family Pet and Aquarium family, you'll often see her either zipping around the shop (as her namesake suggests) or lounging about with Lucy.


Max the Macaw

Maximus is an 18 year old green winged Macaw and has been with us from the very start! He's the icon of Family Pet and Aquarium and is always a popular boy with visitors.

Max has been known to drink from bottles now and then so if you come in with a beverage, be sure you hold it tight as he may take it off you!



Archie is the 4 year old 'resident' cat at Family Pet and Aquarium. He's been known to be one of the moodier members of the group as he can scratch at times.

However, catch him on a good day and Archie will be your best friend... if you have food or belly rubs to offer!