Pet Products

Below are just a few of our fantastic products available with MUCH more in-store. Be sure to call us for more information - (03) 52 444 205


Pigs Ears - $2.50

The favourite dog treat is available at a low price! That way you can treat your pooch or maybe use it to shut them up


Enclosures - $59.90-$99.90

These enclosures are ideal for your smaller, furrier family members - rabbits and guinea pigs. Plenty of room and easy to clean.

Cold Water Fish

Goldfish - from $3.50

Goldfish are simply one of the best pets to have. They're easy to keep and look great! With a massive range, you'll have to see it to believe it.

Huge Cat Pole

Huge Cat Pole - $289.90

With a wide variety of dog and cat accessories, you're bound to find exactly what you're after!

Vetafarm Food

Full Range of Vetafarm Products

Vetafarm produce the highest-of-quality foods and products for your chirpy loved-ones. Food for nestlings to full-grown.

Turtle Tank

Tank Set-Ups

A wide range of tank set-ups are available. Including specially designed turtle tanks with a landing in the middle for them to jump out of the water.

Advance Food

Advance Food - starts at $24.95

Try Advance Dog/Cat food today, sign up in-store and receive your 10th bag FREE!

Tetra Food

Tetra Color Food - $22.95-$49.99

Tetra food will bring out the most vivid colours in your freshwater and tropical fish. Flakes and pellets available.

Pet Carriers

Pet Carriers - $39.90-$199.90

With metal crate hardware, our pet carriers are airline approved so you won't have any trouble taking them with you on holiday!